August 17, 2022

Breast Cancer Society Of Canada Award - Peer Navigation

Focus: Patient Reported Outcomes Directed Research


Enhancing peer navigation for adult cancer survivors and caregivers in interior region of British Columbia.


(1) What are the barriers to, and facilitators of, accessing cancer care services in the BC Interior region for cancer survivors and caregivers? 

(2) How effective are peer navigation in enhancing patient engagement in care and patient reported outcomes in BC’s Interior region? 

In addressing these questions, the goal of the proposed research here is to design, develop and evaluate a peer navigation with equity-deserving groups, as key stakeholders in the validation and triangulation process. 

To obtain this goal our objectives include: 

(1) Develop and evaluate a community-based intervention that will assess patients experience with a peer navigation, with clear intention to contextualize the experiences of equity deserving groups. 

(2) Engage and share with study results with key stakeholders to create a robust a peer support dedicated to improvement of peer navigation services. 

This participatory action research will translate our research findings into practice through the developing of a peer navigation using a regional community partnership in the BC Interior that can optimize preparation and integration of best practices after cancer treatment for survivors and caregivers. Expected outcomes include better management of time and efficiency regarding care coordination for patients, and improved quality of care following the development of a peer navigation.


This study will employ a Randomized Control Trial (RCT), and a community-based participatory action research approach. We will meet these objectives by using valid measurement tools to capture: (1) cancer survivors’ experiences and reported measures of being part of a randomized control trial and community based participatory research alongside researchers and knowledge users; and (2) assessment of the effects of implementation and evaluation of the peer navigation on participants. Findings from this proposed study will guide recommendations, policy making and knowledge translation that the research team, knowledge users and decision makers will pursue.

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