December 20, 2021

Internal Research Fund - Knowledge Synthesis

A Systematic Review on Breast Cancer Survivorship and Support for Immigrant Women with Breast Cancer.

January 2020 – December 2021

Purpose and Goal

The purpose of this research was to develop better understanding of the current scientific literature on the meaningfulness and effectiveness of breast cancer survivorship and support for women with breast cancer and to share current evidence-informed knowledge. This study aims to understand in-depth the contextual factors that shape survivorship and social support from the perspective of systematic reviews. Framed by evidence synthesis principles and systematic reviews, this study draws perspectives of survivorship and support in the literature studies to develop recommendations for continuity of care.

We have pursued the following research objectives:

  1. To provide contextual research literature information about breast cancer survivors. 
  2. To advance our understanding of the relationship between equity-seeking groups, the acculturation process, and the client’s attitudes and beliefs on what supports their healthy- being from knowledge synthesis.
  3. To identify the literature on social, economic, and cultural barriers and facilitators in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship from knowledge synthesis. 
  4. To identify and develop future culturally acceptable, appropriate survivorship and support interventions and services perceived as safe and accessible for cancer survivors and their families with knowledge mobilization.       


The research activities have aligned with British Columbia’s health system priority services for patients with complex medical conditions to focus on research designed to improve health outcomes. This research aligns with BC Cancer to enhance access to effective primary and community care to enable research on practice, surveillance, and service delivery innovations and initiatives designed to improve accessibility and quality of primary and community care. The research activities focused on synthesizing a systematic review of breast cancer survivorship and support for women with breast cancer, leading to an expert consultation and stakeholder engagement. Outcomes were conceptualizing a systematic current literature review of breast cancer survivorship and support care, identifying areas of challenges in breast cancer survivorship related to evidence-informed knowledge and practice. The outcome was to initiate a support system through informed decision-making, synthesizing knowledge and practices on breast cancer survivorship.  Collaborative, supportive care contributes to future research for person-centred care, afford research capacity building, academic, clinical and community partnerships, and valuable student training.

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